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Below, for ease of navigation, we have organized by topic links to our original content (and to third-party articles of value).

Polity, politics, and theology
05/25/2017: The malady of the irrelevant
02/10/2016: Turn thou us
12/04/2015: The race card
11/27/2015: Grammar lesson
08/27/2015: The missed opportunity of adult Baptism
03/18/2015: Who welcomes whom?
01/30/2015: Lance Armstrong, confession, and repentance
01/23/2015: Repentance, compassion, and faith in Maryland
01/01/2015: Confession and grace
12/26/2014: No confession, and no creed
11/05/2014: Theological education and the future of the church
10/01/2014: General Seminary
08/27/2014: A cruce salus
07/30/2014: Some beer in the fridge
01/06/2014: When shall we celebrate the Epiphany?
12/17/2013: For all people
11/04/2013: Worship, nurture, and witness
09/26/2013: Every man for herself
09/20/2013: The church and the Kingdom of God
05/24/2013: Then Paul and Barnabas waxed bold
01/11/2013: What real welcome is
11/14/2012: The consecration of Samuel Seabury
09/27/2012: On the body and the cloth
08/14/2012: Ancient and meaningful traditions
07/24/2012: Thoughts of a cradle Episcopalian
07/21/2012: In defense of cradle Episcopalians
01/26/2012: The wisdom of Anglican thresholds
01/24/2012: The Church’s tension: tradition and change
01/03/2012: Hitchens: And Thy Years Shall not Fail
11/28/2011: Advent: the season begins in the dark
10/27/2011: Meet and right
09/13/2011: Rutledge: Churches as “safe places”
07/14/2011: The tyranny of the Bishop of Rome
07/09/2011: To the Vestries of the World
01/07/2011: The numbers game
02/27/2010: Doing battle
02/06/2010: Haiti, God, and Fleming Rutledge
01/16/2010: A brief thought on membership
01/05/2010: The real Christ
12/02/2009: Muscular Christianity
01/02/2009: New year, old problems
07/11/2008: The Anglican Way
07/07/2008: On regular public worship
02/19/2008: Wrong relationship.
12/11/2007: Ecumenism… bah!

Liturgy and music
12/03/2016: A brief defense of Prayer C
02/04/2015: On humble access
07/18/2014: Some observations on the daily offices
04/10/2014: On “Good Morning!”
03/14/2014: Not at all stuffy
09/19/2013: What church music is for
07/23/2013: “Blessed are not the peace lovers, but the peacemakers.”
11/07/2012: Right ritual
08/14/2012: Ancient and meaningful traditions
07/21/2012: On liturgy and the General Convention
02/03/2012: It takes an outsider
02/03/2012: On Anglican chant
01/14/2012: Heffer, on Howells
01/12/2012: More Thoughts on the Concordat
01/09/2012: Howells: The Pillar of Fire
01/08/2012: Music for Epiphanytide
12/15/2011: Ember Days
12/13/2011: Our King and Saviour draweth nigh
10/27/2011: A Catholic Case for the Office on Sunday at 11
09/23/2011: CVS: not a drug store
03/16/2011: The cathedral pattern
01/21/2011: Sheppard’s Second, and more
01/11/2011: What liturgy is for
04/26/2010: Mattins
04/24/2010: Credo: Trite music blocks our ears to the divine in the liturgy
04/22/2010: A visitor’s report
11/18/2009: The Forgotten Canon
11/14/2009: Ecclesia and syneleusies
09/21/2009: O Lord, open thou our lips
04/13/2009: Liturgy + water = forgettable
02/13/2009: A word about worship
01/24/2009: FYI, part II
12/08/2008: On ritual and ceremony
11/17/2008: In defense of High Church
11/16/2008: FYI
07/05/2008: Barbarians at the gate, part II
05/19/2008: What worship is about
05/09/2008: State of grace
05/02/2008: The age of the Episcopal group session
03/26/2008: Barbarians at the gate, a primer
03/25/2008: The relentless drive to the middle
03/24/2008: Barbarians at the gate, Part I

11/25/2011: On Cassocks and Mission
01/28/2011: Vestments: The Cassock
05/17/2010: Preaching bands explained
09/07/2009: The vestment question, part III
11/23/2008: The vestment question, part II
11/23/2008: The vestment question

Church and society
09/10/2013: The serious side of Carpenter Gothic
08/20/2012: A Moral Education, Not Just an Excellent One
12/12/2011: Cambridge chapels flourish, as the young engage with tradition
07/26/2010: And of all things visible and invisible
01/11/2010: Brit Hume, Ross Douthat lay it down
01/09/2010: As for what the Church thinks and says
04/02/2008: Christianity, hold the trousers

Decently habited
Decently writ
Historical figures
Churches worth seeing
How it’s done

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