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The Haven of Our Happiness: Decently Writ, XXV

April 26, 2017

John Constable, Salisbury Cathedral from the Bishop’s Grounds

Travelling on the Plain (which notwithstanding hath its risings and fallings) I discovered Salisbury steeple many miles off; coming to a declivity, I lost sight thereof, but climbing up the next hill, the steeple grew out of the ground again. Yea, I often found it, and lost it, till at last, I came safely to it, and took my lodging near it. It fareth thus with us, whilst we are wayfaring to heaven, mounted on the Pisgah top of some good meditation, we get a glimpse of our celestial Canaan, but when, either on the flat of an ordinary temper, or in the fall of an extraordinary temptation, we lose the view thereof. Thus, in the sight of our soul Heaven is discovered, covered and recovered, till, though late, at last, though slowly, surely, we arrive at the Haven of our Happiness.

– Thomas Fuller (1608-1661), Travelling to Salisbury  (1660)

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