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Christianity 101

July 13, 2015
Mrs. Rutledge.

Mrs. Rutledge.

“Here’s what Paul says in Romans 4. The promise made to Abraham comes from the living God “who justifies the ungodly.” The truly blessed person here this morning is the person who recognizes that in the sight of God, he or she has reached the limit of human potential and is in solidarity with the rest of the human race as being one of the ungodly. And in that moment of truth, you will find that the Holy Spirit of God has moved upon you, and that your faith is reckoned to you as righteousness, and that you are already being built into the new creation being fashioned by the God who raises the dead and calls into being the things that do not exist.”

Fleming Rutledge, “Father of the Ungodly” (sermon, St. George’s Church, Nashville, Ten., March 20, 2011).

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