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Decently habited, CLXVI

January 9, 2015

The Revd G. Miles Smith blesses the hounds in front of Grace Church, Keswick, Va., on Thanksgiving Day.

The parson, keeping warm in the old cappa nigra.

The parson, keeping warm in the old cappa nigra.

The hounds.

The hounds.

GRACE CHURCH is one of six congregations that have remained active in Virginia since colonial times. The original church, built in 1745, was located in the front yard of our present building. The second building was constructed between 1846 and 1854, consecrated in 1855, burned forty years later, and re-consecrated in 1896. Our parish hall, built in 1933, underwent renovation in 2002 to provide a facility for church and community events. All Saints Chapel was completed in 1929 as a mission to Stony Point. Small and intimate, worshippers include parishioners of Grace and residents of the area. Grace and All Saints Chapel worship according to the Book of Common Prayer, which has a long history of use, dating back to the English Reformation of the 16th century and to ancient Christian sources. We are proud that Thomas Jefferson was a member of our vestry. We have been blessing hounds, fox hunters, horses, and foxes every Thanksgiving morning since 1929. We are a diverse congregation from many different backgrounds engaged in worship, great music, fellowship, Christian formation, and outreach to the community, including our food pantry and annual Farm Tour. We open wide the doors of the church to all who desire sincerely to worship the eternal God whom Jesus revealed. We offer our church for the cure of souls who doubt and for the persuasion of those who have found faith difficult; for the encouragement of the discouraged; for the consecration of the strong; for the inspiration of all who face life daringly; and for the ever deepening assurance of the life eternal.*
*(from the church’s pew card)

Grace Church.

Grace Church.

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