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Decently Writ, XVIII

July 25, 2014

The Seventh Sunday after Pentecost, Romans 8:26-39

“Not above the thunder cloud, not behind sun or moon, beats the heart in rhythm with which my prayer must move: no, God has buried it here, right under the root of my will.  I will go through the motions, I will speak the words, but God will give the Spirit.  And in the Spirit the church shall pray: she shall ask for sun and rain, for plenty and for peace, for everything that is wholesome and natural we should desire, that our wishes for these things, and the undertakings our wishes prompt, may be prayed into harmony with almighty love, through the Spirit who lurks in us.” 

– from Words for Life, by Austin Farrer 

(London, SPCK, 1993. pp. 30-31.)  

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