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Psalm for the soul

July 5, 2012

St. John's, Elora.

Since we mentioned St. John’s, Elora, it is worth pointing out (following our readers’ lead) the church’s phenomenally good music program.

But not before we make some points.

Elora, Ontario, is a village of just under 4,000 residents, and it sits within a township of around 26,000. That is to say, the Church of St. John the Evangelist, Elora, is a small-town church. And yet it boasts a music program of which many a big-city parish could be justifiably envious.

We have felt for many, many years, that a parish on a modest scale need not consider its size an impediment to the possession of an excellent music program. What is required is no more than determination and a willingness to devote to music funds that are, in many churches, applied to programs that neither beautify worship, edify the faithful, nor reach out to the seeker half as much as good sacred music, well sung.

This is exactly what has been accomplished at St. John’s, Elora.

Music at St. John’s has, for many years, been an integral part of the weekly celebration of our Anglican community at both the 9 a.m. and the 11 a.m. services. Both the current Rector and Choirmaster are of the firm belief that good liturgy, good preaching, and good music that are well balanced bring about meaningful and respectful services to our Parish.

The 11 a.m. Parish Choir is based on the best Church choir one can produce with the money and vocal resources we have in and around the area. The Choirmaster strives for high standards with consistent discipline and commitment from the choristers. As a result, we have built up a great following through our recordings, services (special and otherwise), and our guest appearances and touring.

The choir’s recording, “Psalms for the Soul,” under the direction of longtime organist Noel Edison, OOnt, is a well-conceived mixture of Anglican-chanted psalms and anthems based on texts from the Psalter. Below, the recording of Psalm 8, set to a chant by H. Lawes.

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  1. July 5, 2012 21:03

    Yeah, they really are good. This is one of my favorite settings one of my favorites Psalms, too.

  2. WearyPilgrim permalink
    July 6, 2012 22:45

    I own hundreds of CDs of all musical genres, and “Psalms for the Soul” is my absolute favorite of all. The psalm settings are splendidly sung. It was an album that was of immense comfort to me after the terrible and untimely death of a close friend several years ago.

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