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On Many and More Controversies: Of Justice, LGBT Christians, Female Priests, and Communion Regardless of Baptism

April 5, 2012

As Perm said, “This guy is on a roll and I hope his voice is heard by them that need to hear it.”

A Desert Father

As I talk with people supportive of Communion Regardless of Baptism (CRB), I have heard a notion offered more than once. They say that the arguments for CRB are the same as those for ordaining women or LGBT people. More precisely, they say that the arguments against changing the canons are the same as the arguments offered against ordaining women and LGBT people. Appealing to Scripture and Tradition sounds, to them, like the same appeals that were used to deny the inclusion of these individuals in ordained ministry.

I would say that these are entirely different questions. Christ Church, New Haven has a long history being supportive of the inclusion of women and LGBT individuals in the life of the Church. Long before it was a popular cause in the Church, Christ Church was supporting women for ordination and created a welcoming and safe space for gays and lesbians.


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