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March 4, 2012


On following the link below and reading the story there, I was more than a little incensed. But in the light of day, we must conclude that little has changed. The responsibility for evangelism lies with the parish church, the mission, and the believers who bear witness to the Gospel.

It’s a pity that the parish churches will be left even more to their own devices to accomplish this worthy work, but there’s not much that 815 Second Avenue has ever done to aid them. So although we see much wrongheadedness in the machinations underway at the Episcopal Church Center, this marks no real departure from what has gone on in recent years.

Although one hopes that with her raise, the Presiding Bishop will invest in some decent vestments. Not that I hold my breath.

Of the One Percent and Dissolute Dissolution: Where is the Money going in the Episcopal Church Budget?.

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