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Stile Antico: Tune thy Musicke to thy Hart

January 29, 2012

Tune thy Musicke to thy Hart: Tudor and Jacobean Music for Private Devotion – review

Review by Nicholas Kenyon, from The Guardian.

We are, perhaps, in a wood-panelled Elizabethan hall, where in the early 17th century the family of a large house gather for their private prayer. Voices and viols mix in harmony, ranging from the familiar simplicity of Thomas Campion’s “Never weather-beaten sail” to the elaborate verse anthem by Orlando Gibbons’s “See, see the word is incarnate”, the whole story of salvation condensed into six superb minutes. Tallis, Tomkins and Byrd are here, but the revelation is the little-known John Amner, whose “A stranger here” reaches a climax of rare dissonant intensity, powerfully sung. Another triumph for the superb Stile Antico ensemble and Fretwork.

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