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Decently habited, LXVIII

October 29, 2011

As usual, the Revd Dr. Andrew Blume, rector of St. Ignatius of Antioch on the Upper West Side, makes the cut, pictured here at the Blessing of the Animals

With Andy and the acolytes, also decently habited.

With dogs, best friends to any Episcopalian.

… and at Solemn Evensong.

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  1. Precentor permalink
    October 31, 2011 06:57

    Hm. For our Blessing of the Animals, my rector was wearing the following: ratty polo shirt, ratty cargo shorts, ratty purple Chuck Taylor high-tops, ratty baseball cap, Ray-Bans, one of those vaguely Central American stoles, and a general air of dirt and dissolution. The associate, sporting black trousers, clerical shirt and collar, silk stole, and a fresh shower and shave, looked positively ultramontane by comparison. Things are bad out here in the provinces.

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