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Decently habited, LVIII

March 16, 2011

The Revd Canon Sally Bingham, at her installation in Grace Cathedral as diocesan canon for environmental ministries. This illustrates the point that the scarf may very well be worn, even beneath the cope, when not administering the Sacraments. Also the clergyman who helps her on with the cope is himself a fine specimen of vesture.

The same point is illustrated by the Revd Dr Daniel Paul Matthews, the 16th rector of Trinity Church, Wall Street. Archbishop Carey demonstrates the regular horror of the cassock-alb.

This posting should not lead one to believe that we do not remain suspicious of:

A. California
B. The Diocese of California
C. A canonry for environmental ministry*

*We are not suspicious of the environment, or of the importance of environmental stewardship, but of whether the environment A) has a soul, and whether B) such a soul would need redemption. Questions for theologians of more gravity than we.

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  1. Richard Bowley permalink
    February 27, 2013 13:16

    I always wonder why the black preaching scarf (tippet) be worn underneath what, in the Church of England, be the proper vestment of the Eucharist as proclaimed by HM Elizabeth I of England and Ireland. Reading about the Anglican Church, the cassock/surplice/scarf came about by order of Edward VI, who was influenced by Lord Archbishop Cramner and Lord Bishop Ridley, who were in turned, influenced by Zwingly and Calvin. Because of the issue stemming from Henry VIII and Mary I, either keeping the CofE “separate and Catholic” (Henry VIII) or part of Rome (Mary I), the rules set down by Elizabeth I stated the use of the cassock and surplice (like the Lutheran Churches on the Continent), but with either the preaching scarf OR the cope, not both, to be worn. Again, I could see

  2. Richard Bowley permalink
    February 27, 2013 13:18

    the use of the cope, but with the stole worn underneath. Otherwise, it should only be the cassock, surplice, and preaching scarf only.

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