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Decently habited, XLIII

May 31, 2010

Edward Nason West (1909-1990).

Born in Boston, he took his B.S. from Boston Univsersity in 1931 and was graduated from the Episcopal Theological Seminary in Cambridge in 1934. Ordained deacon in 1934 and priest in 1935, he joined the clerical staff of the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in 1939 and served as canon sacrist and sub-dean until retiring in 1981; he remained the Cathedral’s master of ceremonies until his death. An expert on liturgy, iconography, and theology, he was the author of seven books and served as theological consultant to the American Heritage Dictionary and the Funk & Wagnall Encyclopedia, as well as being appointed an honorary chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury. West died in New York and is interred beneath the floor of the Great Choir of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, under an inset of the Compass Rose, which he designed.

Canon West


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