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The level of children

May 21, 2008

It is often erroneously assumed in the Church that children cannot understand music of quality, that it is “above their level,” and I am always interested when this assumption is put to bed by engaged and thoughtful people, in whatever field. What follows is taken from an interview of Sandra Boynton, children’s author and humorist extraordinaire.

When did you start writing children’s songs?

When my own kids were little. There’s certain music that people give children or that’s available for children, and most of it I absolutely loathe. I find it either too sing-songy or condescending or cutesy or interminable. I thought: ‘They don’t need this pablum as music.’1

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1. JinAh Lee, “Confessions of an artistic (and choc-oholic) alumna,” Yale Bulletin and Calendar, Vol.29, No.18, February 9, 2001.

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